Our Puppers

Marley Lee Rocky Balboa Charlotte Binks




Here at D&C Dog Sitting we strive for purrfection. We want your dogs to feel like they are at home.
We don’t kennel the furbabies. They are allowed on all furniture inc, whatever makes them most comfortable.
We currently have 3 dogs of our own.
First, a miniature Schnauzer Marley Lee.
He is our little diabetic old man who lounges about all day.
Second is Charlotte Binks.
She is a Basenji who loves other dogs. She has a deep excited growl. Don’t be intimidated by it shes just full of excitement , love and desire to play .
Third and Final is Rocky Balboa.
He is our newest member, a Havanese, and bundle of joy. He has this young innocence and just wants to be everyone’s friend and play with them.
We don’t leave the Furbabies alone. From doggy seat belts to dog beds in the car, we strive to always make them feel part of the family.
We currently provide insulin injections to our diabetic puppy twice a day. We also have experience with dogs who suffer from seizures.
. Please let us know if there are any medical conditions that requires special attention or medication.
To us your Furbaby is our Furbaby . They are our children and we expect nothing but the best.
We feed twice a day, we give dental treats twice a day, and treats for going bathroom outside.
Your furbaby isn’t just a pet. They are a child that just walks on four legs.

D&C Dog Sitting.